Vesak Day 1-2 Jun 2023 (Reduced Hours)

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Please take note that the Hong Kah Clinic and Telemedicine services will be only available for half day in the morning for 1-2 Jun 2022 due to a compulsory medical conference for all staff to attend as well as for Vesak Day PH.

The Hougang Clinic will be closed on both days.

Date/ClinicHong Kah ClinicHougang ClinicBoon Keng Clinic
1 Jun 20230830-1230ClosedFull Day
2 Jun 20230830-1230ClosedClosed
Telemedicine services will only run in the morning for both days.

COVID Positive – Updated Discharge Instructions

COVID +ve Updated Discharge Instructions

1. If you are tested positive, please test yourself on Day 4/5/6, if you are negative, you can leave the house/go to work.

2. If you are tested positive, and remain positive or did not self test, you may leave home on day 7 after 12 pm.

3. If you are tested negative/recovered after D7, but have new or worsening symptoms, please head down for a physical review.

Please take note that the MC is a guide and a 7 day MC will be given to all COVID +ve patients (starting 18 Oct 22) as well as discharge instructions. Please follow the provided discharge instructions rather than the MC. 

If your employer insists on clarification of MC, please refer them to this webpage. If either patient or employer continue to insist on further clarification after reading this page, then a consultation fee will be charged.