Online Service Terms and Conditions

Note: Terms and conditions are subject to change. An updated version will always be made available online.


A. General terms and conditions for using all online services
B. Telemedicine
C. ePharmacy
D. Remote Monitoring
E. EasyCare Membership

A. General Terms and Conditions for using all online services
i. Notice of privacy policy
All online services provided by EasyCare International (iDOC), UEN 201939530H, would be in line with our notice of privacy policy, of which is subject to change according to legal and commercial requirements and the latest copy will be updated and made available at https://easycare.com.sg/npp/

ii. Limitation of Liability
Where EasyCare International (iDOC) serves as a conduit for online services such as telemedicine, 

iii. Abuse
We reserve the right to ban any users who abuse the use of the system or is involved with acts that may compromise the integrity of the system. Examples include but not limited to:

  • forgery of documents
  • hacking into other accounts
  • using partner portals without proper credentials/membership
  • falsifying online payments
  • any harm of any nature to any individual, person, or corporate entity

If there is a concern of harm to the general public or data breach, relevant authorities will be contacted. If you have an existing EasyCare membership, your account will be terminated and no refund will be made.

iv. Website
Apart from the online services listred above, the website may utilise webforms or provide details of communication such as email and WhatsApp. The information handles would follow our notice and privacy policy and it assumed that you consent EasyCare International (iDOC) to handle such information and to transmit to the relevant department or vendors to handle your query in good faith. 


B. Telemedicine
Refer to: https://easycare.com.sg/telemedicine-terms-and-conditions/

C. ePharmacy
Refer to: https://epharmacy.idoc.sg/pages/terms

D. Remote Monitoring
At the time of writing, remote monitoring at clinics is not being done for the general public. 

You may be able to have remote monitoring function should you purchase one of our devices such as the iDOCWATCH. The information will be shared with our approved vendors. These vendors may provide various functions which require remote monitoring such as fitness and lifestyle assessments. 

For remote monitoring function, you require to consent via the iDOC EasyTrack. By consenting on the app, you agree to allow EasyCare International (iDOC) to share your details with our approved vendor in order to perform the duties of service to you. EasyCare International (iDOC) reserves the right to revoke access to the use of this function of the user/vendor where there is, for example but not limited to: 

  1. inappropriate use or access of user’s data
  2. is unapproved monetisation of the function by the user or vendor
  3. security breach
  4. any harm of any nature to any individual, person, or corporate entity

E. EasyCare Membership

1. EasyCare International may provide membership to corporate companies and individuals. Rates for members are based on agreements between yourself/your employer and EasyCare. EasyCare does not endorse uptake of services of any specific healthcare institutions but will work with a panel of service providers to accomodate to your needs.

2. All panel clinics under the EasyCare Program would provide fixed consultation rates. The rates are visible after logging in. Other procedural rates/recommended rates are not fixed.

3. Benefits with our vendors (non-clinic partners) are subject to availability and EasyCare International (iDOC) cannot be held responsible where discounts or certain promotions are used at these vendors. We would access vendor performance on a need-to-do basis and assist to mediate or arrange alternatives where possible. Please email easycare@mail.idoc.sg should you have any questions. 

4. All memberships are valid at least 1 year from subscription date but you may choose to subscribe for more than a year at any time. An account will be created within 24 hours of payment. Your subscription rates are retained based on the year you subscribed. Should the subscription rates change, if you are an existing member, your existing rates would remain the same and you will be able to renew your membership at the same rate.

5. You will be notified 1 month before expiry to renew your membership. Your membership will be disabled upon failure to renew. If you are reactivating a disabled account, your rates follow the new rate when you reactivated your account.

6. There are exceptions where your subscription rates can be retained. For example if you have subscribed for the service in 2019 but cancelled because your your company has taken over maintenance of your account in 2024 for example. If you no longer have company corporate coverage, your rates are retained to that of the 2019 rates.


    Last updated 19 May 2020 by Dr Poh Pei Ghim