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Partners of Common Profession

"Five guys on the court working together can achieve more
than 5 talented individuals who come and go as individuals" - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Allied Healthcare Institutions

Unity Pharmacy

Unity was set up in 1992 as a social enterprise to address concerns by working families over healthcare costs.


SANH aims to deliver holistic and person-centred care to the residents in a supportive environment, where an integrated programme of rehabilitation, psycho-social and nursing care is provided.

Heartland Rehab

Heartland rehab is a group of Allied Health Professionals with the goal of increasing standards of health in the heartlands through mobility and exercise. Physiotherapists are all fully registered with Singapore AHPC.

Corporate Responsibility Program

The best way for us to give back to the community 
without expecting anything in return.

Project X

Project X was established in 2008 by a social worker, Wong Yock Leng, for marginalised sex workers. Their vision is to create a society that respects sex workers, their clients, partners, and families.

MacPherson Cares

The MacPherson Cares App links seniors with “befrienders”, in the estate who can visit and lend a hand. Through the app, residents can also have tele-consultations with a doctor and get medicine delivered.

Centre for Domestic Employees (CDE)

CDE promotes fair treatment of all domestic employees in Singapore through a balanced and pragmatic approach towards issue resolution, humanitarian aid, social integration and support.

Heathcare Coverage and Financial Planning


Gigacover is the first in the market to introduce an on-demand income protection insurance product, FLIP, offering weekly premium payment with no penalties for cancellation. Gigacover seeks to bring high-frequency, small-value coverage to both traditional and new economies and is currently headquartered in Singapore.

Raffles Provident

Raffles Provident started off as a traditional GI advisor, focusing on personal insurance services, pricing of premium, and building long-term working relationships with clients and prospects. The founder of Raffles Provident, Andrew Ang, has 13 years of experience in organising seminars, workshops, road shows, and participating in exhibitions and tradeshows.

SME Professionals

Small and midsize partners with the ability to react quickly to changes in the marketplace.



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