About EasyCare

EasyCare provides the backbone for cost-effective innovative online services. From the creative IT professionals who create exciting new online services to the healthcare service staff who know exactly how you want it done, EasyCare aims to keep healthcare providers, corporate partners and patients at their best. 

The EasyCare team originated from the initial iDOC Clinic tech team and continues to work closely with iDOC Clinic to deploy its medical solutions.

The Team

Dr Poh Pei Ghim
Director (EasyCare International)
Chief Medical Informatics Officer (iDOC Clinic)

Dr Poh Pei Ghim received his Medical Degree from the University of Glasgow in 2012. He worked in the public sector for five years and was a radiology resident for four years. During his radiology residency, he was the first author of a published paper regarding MRI safety in cardiac pacemaker imaging and this was presented in conferences in Singapore and Toronto. This won the bronze award at the American Roentgen Ray Society Meeting 2015, one of the largest radiological scientific meetings in the world.

He is also a software developer trained in Machine Learning and had developed AI modules that could recognise features on images such as X-rays. In 2017, he joined iDOC Clinic as a co-founder to pursue his interest in medical informatics with the aim to deliver telemedicine and other high-tech medical solutions to the community.

In 2018, Dr Poh completed the requirements to become a Certified HIPAA Professional. Between 2017-2019, Dr Poh created the iDOC Telemedicine Suite, Virtual Queue, Online Triage service as well as headed the Telebooth projects in both ITE and Unity Pharmacies.

The EasyCare program was also developed by Dr Poh, that allowed patients and companies to access telehealth features provided by iDOC Clinic and tools allowing for remote diagnoses, risk assessments, health tracking and data analytics.

Beyond his research and development activities at iDOC Clinic and EasyCare, Dr Poh has been the director of Xellink Solutions and Xellink Pte Ltd since 2011 and continues contributing to the open source community including tutorials, with special focus in linux operating systems, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Most of this work is available freely as a reference for non-commercial use.

Ms. Felicia See
Director (EasyCare International)
Clinic Cluster Executive(iDOC Clinic)

Ms Felicia See Received her Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Science in 2015 from the University of Western Australia, School of Life Sciences. She has had previous working experience from NUH, TTSH, SGH and Raffles Medical Group.

In Aug 2017, she joined iDOC Clinic and was subsequently appointed as our Clinic Cluster Manager, overseeing and managing training and operations of the clinic and software deployment.

Ms. Caroline Leow
Chief Operations Manager

Ms. Caroline Leow received her Bachelor’s Degree in Science in 2014 from the University of Curtin (Australia). She was previously awarded the Courage Fund Study Award as well as the Silver Star Award from the Eastern Health Alliance Group (now part of SingHealth). Having worked in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Ms Leow has helped saved many patients who were in critical condition.

She also served on the Nursing Council for 5 years before eventually joining iDOC Clinic as Chief Operations Manager.