Screening Packages

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Basic screen ($40)

This package is useful for those who just want a general overview of their health.


Consultation and post-result consultation
General Physical Examination
Height, Weight and BMI

Urine Testing

Chronic Disease Screening

High Blood Pressure


Full Blood Count

Organ Specific

Liver Function
Kidney Function
Cardiac Risk
Uric Acid for Gout

Sexual/Communicable Diseases

VDRL (Syphillis)

Regular Screen ($120).

This package is useful for those who keep an active lifestyle and also provide a general overview of their health.

General +

All items included in Basic Screening

Additional Tests

Thyroid Function
Rheumatoid Factor (Arthritis Screen)


Sexual/Communicable Diseases +

Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B

Common Cancer Screening

AFP, CEA, CA19.9 (General Cancers including liver, colon and pancreas)

Stool Test

Stool Occult Blood (Colon Cancer)

Comprehensive Screen ($250)

This package is useful for those who would wish to know more about their health and screen for cancers as well.

General + +

All items included in Regular Screening

Sexual/Communicable Diseases + +

Hepatitis C
HIV can be included (+$15)

Chest X-ray

Screen for TB, scarring, emphysema and lung cancer and other lung diseases.

Advanced Cancer Screening

H. Pylori or GC-ITH3 (Gastritis/G. Cancer)
EBV (nose cancer)
Beta-HCG (Germ Cell/Testicular Cancer)
Gender Specific Screening (see below)

Male Specific Screening

PSA (Prostate Cancer)

Female Specific Screening

CA125 (Ovarian)

Note for ladies: Regular Mammogram (+$130) and Pap Smear (+$20) are not included but recommended as part of routine screening. We can check if you qualify for any subsidies. 

Screen for Life (SFL)

We accept screen-for-life patients as well. Bring your letter down as well as the relevant card/identifier.

Clinic Services


Chronic disease screening and tumour marker testing for early disease detection.

Medical Check-ups

Fitness test, pre-employment checks and 6-monthly examination.


Vaccinations we offer and National Adult Immunisation Schedule (NAIS).

Allergy Tests

Standard blood test can be done as a panel or for individual allergens.

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