About iDOC Clinic

iDOC Clinic provides good quality, affordable and easily accessible healthcare backed by online services. Our ecosystem seeks to change the way healthcare is administered to all patients. 

iDOC Clinic was started by the current EasyCare Team with its flagship clinic at Hougang Green in August 2017. Its second branch was open in March 2019 at Hong Kah Point, Jurong.

iDOC Clinic aims to be the professional home for biomedical and health informatics, delivering smart, modern, evidence-based medicine to the community.

Our mission is to provide good quality, affordable and easily accessible healthcare. We help patients save time and money by being efficient and cost-effective. 

We have set up a robust telemedicine network and will continue to develop solutions for remote diagnostic technologies.

To change the way medicine is delivered to the community.

We want to empower patients to take charge of their own health through all means including: 

  • technology
  • education
  • research

Our Doctors

Dr. Poh Pei Ghim
Chief Medical Informatics Officer

Dr. Poh Pei Ghim received his Medical Degree from the University of Glasgow in 2012. He worked in the public sector for five years and was a radiology resident for four years. During his radiology residency, he was the first author of a published paper regarding MRI safety in cardiac pacemaker imaging and this was presented in conferences in Singapore and Toronto. This won the bronze award at the American Roentgen Ray Society Meeting 2015, one of the largest radiological scientific meetings in the world.

He is also a software developer trained in Machine Learning and had developed AI modules that could recognise features on images such as X-rays. In 2017, he joined iDOC Clinic as a co-founder to pursue his interest in medical informatics with the aim to deliver telemedicine and other high-tech medical solutions to the community.

In 2018, Dr. Poh completed the requirements to become a Certified HIPAA Professional. Between 2017-2019, Dr Poh created the iDOC Telemedicine Suite, Online Triage service as well as headed the Telebooth projects in both ITE and Unity Pharmacies.

The EasyCare program was also developed by Dr. Poh, that allowed patients and companies to access telehealth features provided by iDOC Clinic and tools allowing for remote diagnoses, risk assessments, health tracking and data analytics. Beyond his research and software development duties, Dr Poh is currently still seeing patients at the Hong Kah clinic.

Dr. Beow Qi Zhao
Anchor Family Physician (Hougang Green)

Dr. Beow Qi Zhao (MBBS, GDFM) obtained his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery with Honours from Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) in 2013 and worked in the public sector for 4 years before joining iDOC Clinic in March 2018. Dr. Beow attained the Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine (GDFM) in 2018.

He worked in various specialties in SingHealth and National Healthcare Group including Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Paediatrics, Emergency Medicine, Radiology and Oncology during his time in the public service. 

His areas of interest include Chronic Disease Management and Oncology.

Dr. Beow was accredited as a Family Physician in July 2020. 

Dr. Michelle Sim Wei Qian
Anchor General Practitioner (Hong Kah Point, Jurong)

Dr. Michelle Sim (MBBS, MRCPCH) obtained her Medical Degree from National University of Singapore in 2012. She completed the Post Graduate MRCPCH (Paediatric) exam in 2018. After serving in the public sector for 6 years, Dr Sim joined iDOC Clinic primary care team to serve the community in 2019. 

She currently serves as the Anchor General Practitioner at the Hong Kah branch.

Dr. Sim has a special interest in paediatric care.