iDOC Clinic and Telemedicine Service: CNY hours

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Please note that our clinics will be closed and telemedicine system will not be available on the following PH and subsequent days due to doctor inavailability. Telemedicine services will be affected.

21 Jan CNY eve (Saturday) – AM onlyBK, HK, HG
22 Jan CNY D1 (Sunday)BK, HK, HG
23 Jan CNY D2 (Monday)BK, HK, HG
24 Jan CNY D3 (Tuesday) – AM onlyHKHG, BK
25 Jan Limited Hours: HG (AM Only) and HK (PM only)BK, HK, HG
26 Jan BK, HKHG
27 Jan Limited Hours: HK (no night sesssion)BK, HKHG
27 Jan AM Session – All clinics are running at normal operating hoursBK, HK, HG
HG – Hougang | HK – Hong Kah | BK – Boon Keng

Appointments are strongly recommended. You may book your appointment slots via this link.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

2023 with iDOC EasyCare

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iDOC EasyCare in 2023

Happy New Year. It has been a meaningful 2022 and we have been working together with our clinics to provide affordable services for the last 2 years. In order to continue to have better outreach and provide a wider range of services, EasyCare will be shifting its operations from Ubi to provide services in 2 new locations.

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New Clinics

    1. Nanyang Surgery (FPH)
      Nanyang Surgery offers a full suite of surgical and diagnostic services. Situated in Farrer Park Hospital and opened in later 2022, our surgery specialist partners allow us to integrate our services to provide seamless sharing of information (via closed loop e-referrals and e-replies), reducing unnecessary clinical visits and also delivery of pre-procedural materials such delivery of medications and supplements.

    1. Boon Keng Clinic and Surgery
      Located at Upper Boon Keng in close proximity to Kallang MRT in the Boon Keng Ville, Boon Keng Clinic and Surgery has been providing its services to the local community for more than 10 years. We have recently taken over management of the Boon Keng clinic and would add iDOC services and ePharm collection capabilities to the area. While consult prices and medication prices have been retained, our management has taken note that the inventory and consultation currently differ from our other 2 outlets. ePharm services will start in Jan 2023, but we expect consolidation of the inventory and other clinical services and renaming of the clinic to occur after our Medical Conformity rounds in March 2023.

We have stopped accepting visitations to the Ubi office since 1 Dec 2022 and will no longer be conducting operations in view of shifting our services to the above 2 new locations on 1 Jan 2023. ePharm services at these locations are expected to open up on 8 Jan 2023. Please refer to the contact page on/after 8 Jan 2023.

Point of Care Services

POC Blood tests

In view of reduced travel restrictions and also increased number of cases of Influenza and Dengue detected over the last 3 months. We will be restarting some point-of-care services as well as adding new ones to distinguish causes of fever early which may be impactful to the community.

These are:

  • Dengue Duo Tests
  • Influenza Rapid Flu test
  • COVID ART Tests

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We would like to emphasise that prevention of such illnesses are best done out of the clinic setting and precautions to prevent spread of such diseases should be done proactively.

POC Ultrasound

Point-of-care ultrasound services will also be provided on a limited basis to screen for emergency issues. This does not replace a formal ultrasound study but can be useful for the physician to exclude urgent conditions or follow up on a known existing condition. 

    ePharm Services

    iDOC Supplements

    Towards the end of 2022, we introduced the following products:

    iDOC Iron™ (pregnancy and/or iron supplement)
    iDOC Ortho™ (joint pain and arthritis)
    iDOC Profix™ (digestive issues such as IBS)
    iDOC Urobio™ (urinary health and UTI prevention)

    While these are the same products that we have offered over the last 5 years and are chemically identical with their counterparts, we have identified our products to ensure that our products are stored under monitored conditions and to assist us with quality control. These are only available in our clinics and surgical centre.

      ePharm International

      We also note that during the pandemic, many of our patients have moved overseas especially to Malaysia. As such, we are intending to bring our ePharm services overseas in 2023, starting from Malaysia.

        Discrete Testing Services

        STI and Discrete Testing

        One of our partners providing discrete testing services has ceased business operations in Singapore on 31 Dec 2022. For the purpose of continuation of care, we will be continuing to provide the discrete testing services and treatment (where indicated) for existing customers.

          New Year and CNY Operating Hours

          Please bear with us during the new year as we are extremely busy during the first week and during the CNY week. Do refer to our google timings for the most updated timeline.

          As always, appointments are strongly recommended before your visit.