Wuhan 2019 Novel Corona Virus – Precautions

If you have any flu like symptoms: (fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, blocked or runny nose, breathlessness, etc) and

a. You have arrived in Singapore from China/Wuhan


b. You have had contact with persons suspected to be infected with the 2019 Novel Coronavirus

Please avoid entering the consultation room. Our staff would be able to help you seek medical advice at a hospital.

(武汉市)新型冠状病毒 2019-nCoV / WN-CoV

(发烧,咳嗽, 喉咙痛,全身酸痛,鼻塞, 流涕, 气喘, 等等) 与

a. 近期曾从中国/武汉市返回或者来访新加坡

b. 近期和新型冠状病毒患者接触过

请勿进入医疗咨询室 。

Due to limited supply, our clinic will be limiting the number of masks each person can purchase.

Please take note on the advisory on wearing masks.


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