National Day and Hari Raya Haji: 9 – 12th Aug operating hours

Please note the following hours:

Hougang Green

9 Aug 2019 0830-1300 (PH Hours)
10 Aug 2019 0830-1300, 1830-2130 (Usual Weekend Hours)
11 Aug 2019 0830-1300 (PH Hours)
12 Aug 2019 0830-1300 (PH Hours)

Hong Kah Point (Jurong West)

9 Aug 2019 0830-1230 (PH Hours)
10 Aug 2019 0830-1230, 1830-2130 (Usual Weekend Hours)
11 Aug 2019 1830-2130 (Usual Weekend Hours)
12 Aug 2019 0830-1230 (PH Hours)

Revamp of Appointment/Virtual Queue System

We are merging the virtual queue and appointment systems to simplify the service. Please note there will only be an appointment system now and we will no longer be sending SMSes out.

However, the daily waiting times from the virtual queue are now refreshed onto the main appointment page and should now more accurately reflect the waiting period in the clinic. The waiting times will also now be color-coded to reflect busy days.

You may book an appointment here.

Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time.

Major Upgrade to our Telemedicine Service.

Our telemedicine service has undergone a major upgrade including an integrated chronic disease management program. You may now preview and access certain features that are provided by our EasyCare team. Some features are available only to members/corporate partners.

If you encounter any bugs, please let us know here.