Operating Hours

Public Holidays0830-1300

Unity Telebooths

Alternatively you may visit our telebooths at selected Unity Pharmacies:

  • VivoCity
  • Harbourfront Centre
  • Tanglin Mall
  • Causeway Point
  • FairPrice Xtra, Ang Mo Kio
  • FairPrice Xtra, Bukit Timah Plaza
  • FairPrice Xtra, Jurong Point
  • FairPrice Xtra, Parkway Parade
Just approach the pharmacist to find out more.
Our telemedicine station times may vary depending on the dispensing hours of the pharmacy. Please refer to the dispensing hours of the individual pharmacies.


Telemedicine: Simple Instructions

1) Register and Login

On your first visit, our doctor may ask for some additional details so have your NRIC/FIN card ready.

2) Consult Our Doctor

Our doctor will be ready to answer any questions you have and formulate a treatment plan for you.

Where applicable, please use your institution or company portal.

3) MC and Prescription

An email will be sent to you containing your MC and prescription after payment is made. 

4) Collection/Delivery

Arrange delivery or collect at any iDOC Clinic or at a selected Unity Pharmacy.

Telemedicine Consultation Costs

General Public and Unity Telebooth


Staff and students of affiliated institutions


A small delivery fee of $3 may be charged. 

Suitable conditions to see a doctor using telemedicine include:

    • Cough and colds
    • Diarrhoea/Food Poisoning
    • Common Rashes/Eczema
    • Constipation
    • Acid Reflux/Gastritis
    • Urinary Tract Infection
    • Follow-up Consultation
    • Request for repeat medications
      1. Contraceptives
      2. Chronic medications

    The list to the left is non-exhaustive. You will not be charged if the doctor thinks that your condition is not suitable for telemedicine. 

    Medical certificate of 1 day may be provided.


    Don’t need to see a doctor?

    Try visiting our online store at https://idoc.sg/store

    You may purchase non-prescription medications, supplements, personal care items, health monitoring devices and other medical supplies online. Your medications will be delivered to your door step within 2-3 working days. We also offer same- and next-day delivery if required. 

    General sales medications

    Personal Care items


    Medical devices

    DELIVERY Costs

    Orders worth <$15


    Orders worth $15.00 – $44.99


    Orders worth >45

    No delivery fee

    EasyCare Program

    One Doctor, Personalised experience

    Choose your doctor at the time of screening. A care-coordinator will also be assigned to you who you are able to contact anytime.


    Medications are delivered to you or your workplace.

    Continuity of Care

    Speak to the same doctor anytime you want using telemedicine. Review with the same doctor during follow-up.

    Transparency and Affordability

    We work directly with drug companies to ensure that our prices remain affordable with no middle-man.

    Customised care

    We will help track your government subsidies/existing insurance and remind you of your screening and follow-up dates.

    With your Membership, you also qualify for special rates with our partners and vendors. 

    Let us help you take ownership of your own health with no extra cost!

    Simply make an appointment or fill in our online self-referral form.

    This program targets a wide range of customers who are both healthy and sick. We cover patients with chronic diseases (such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol) and atopic conditions (such as asthma, sensitive skin or allergic rhinitis). We also have doctors who have special interest in wellness and aesthetics and can help healthy patients go the extra mile to protect their health and wellness. Keeping you healthy is our job.

    iDOC Clinic is able to view your health records from the National Electronic Health Record Singapore (NEHR). This allows us to view your records from NEHR approved institutions (Govt Hosp and Polyclinics). This is used during our normal and telemedical consults. 

    Note: Only your doctor is able to see your records on NEHR.