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An activity tracker – powered up. The Actxa Spur+ has all the features of the Spur, and more. Now you can track how efficiently your body is using the oxygen you breathe in, and your true Fitness Age. Work your way to reaching your weekly Intensity Minutes goal, while Move Alerts give you that nudge you need to get moving.

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  1. Tracking device
  2. Charging Cable
  3. Quick Start and Warranty

Actxa App


Track Your Life

Chart your progress and set personal goals to stay motivated. With the Actxa App, you can personalise your profile, sync your daily stats, update your weight and monitor your sleep patterns with a simple tap of a button.

VO2 Max and Fitness Age

Know how efficiently your body is using it with VO2 Max monitoring. The higher your VO2 Max, the fitter you are and the younger your Fitness Age! Turn back the clock with improved VO2 Max!


All-day Heart Rate Monitoring

Whether you are at rest or sweating it out, the new all-day heart rate monitoring function of the Spur+ gives you immediate feedback on what your heart is saying.

Intensity Minutes

Up the intensity to reap maximum health rewards. Easily track if you’re meeting your recommended workout goal of 150 minutes per week of moderate to vigorous exercise.

Workout Tracking

An intense workout or a gentle stroll, keep tabs on your steps, heart rate zones, distance covered, intensity minutes and calories burned.

Move Alert

Move alert gives you that gentle nudge to keep you going. You can change reminder settings in Actxa App.

Sleep Monitor

Knowing your sleep patterns is the key to better sleep management – and ultimately a healthy life.

Customisable Display

An easily customisable display lets you decide what you want to see most – whether it’s your step count or calories burned.

Stay Connected

Stay connected with the Actxa Spur+! Receive incoming call, email and text message notifications.

Please note that as of 1 May 2020, collection of apparel from clinics is now disabled.

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