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Remote Medicine

Our remote medicine service allows us to offer offering medical screenings, chronic disease management and on-site statutory examinations away from the clinic setting. In view of the COVID-19 situation, we hope that such services will assist those who require administrative and other routine tests to meet their requirements and reduce interactions with those who are acutely unwell in the clinic setting.

Remote Medicine Fees

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Our staff will be at your place in the early morning between 7.30 to 8.30 AM for fasting blood tests. For non-fasting blood tests, they may be done in the afternoon.

You will be redirected to fill in your details after booking a slot.

Frequently Asked Questions

The home-based chronic disease screening allows your screening/annual follow-up to be done at home. This is especially helpful if your current situation makes it difficult for you to leave your home. This also reduces contact with those who are acutely unwell in the clinic. 

You will receive the test results when they are ready, and don’t need to collect them from the clinic.

Our Care Coordinator will arrange for follow up if necessary.

The follow up may be 
1. Telemedicine consult
2. A visit to the Clinic
3. A home visit

On the appointment date, ensure that your helper is at home. Our staff will go to your house to collect her blood sample and forms (if any).

For 6ME:
There is no need to be fasted and the test can be scheduled anytime from morning to afternoon. 

For Chronic Disease Screening
Fasting of at least 8 hours is recommended. The test is usually scheduled before 10 in the morning. 

Our staff will carry a staff pass.  

The idenfication will bear:

  • the Company name and logo
  • Staff’s name and photo

The service provider will send her blood sample to a licensed laboratory for testing.

For 6ME:
If there are any result submissions for 6ME, our partner clinics will do the submission for you. 

For chronic disease screening:
A follow up date with the doctor will be arranged by our care coordinator if required. 

Payment will be made just before taking the blood sample. The payment can be made through PayNow, PayPal or Cash.

Our 6ME service has been discontinued due to new MOM regulations in light of recent abuse cases. 

This is to allow helpers get examined and tested in a safe and neutral environment. 

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