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iDOC Home Recovery Programme (iHRP)

Read this first! Please note that Protocol 2 patients are no longer under the Home Recovery Programme.

HRP Webform

  • Triage/Arrange Teleconsult
  • Request top up meds
  • Speak to iDOC Doctor

Home Isolation Daily Report

  • Temperature
  • Pulse rate
  • Oxygen Saturation

No reporting of your readings is required.

Patient Information Leaflet

For individuals that are well, on home recovery and/or protocol 2. 

HRP is the default care arrangement for patients under Protocol 1 who do not require emergency services:

  • Vaccinated persons aged 80 years and older;
  • 70 years and above deemed unfit for protocol 2 but suitable for HRP;
  • Children aged less than 3 years old, who have been assessed to be clinically suitable for home recovery but not fit for protocol 2.
This page is last updated 28 Feb 2022. 

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