Educational LPA Sessions in collaboration with Wealth Coach LLP

Wealth Coach LLP is collaborating with us to conduct LPA sessions. This is to improve awareness of LPA and ensure that other concerns regarding health and comprehensive estate planning are addressed by professionals. 

The next event is scheduled in Aug 2019. Final date will be confirmed later. 

Doctors Certified by OPG

Dr Poh Pei Ghim
Dr Michelle Sim

If you  do not wish to apply online, a copy of the offline form can be found here.


LPA Certification for Donors

1) Login and Apply

Log in to eportal using your SingPass. Select ‘Make an LPA’. Select the LPA Form required. If you are unsure, select Form 1.

2) Select your role

Select your role as a donor. If a consent form pops up, click “I Agree”. Fill in the missing particulars as. Required fields are marked with a *.

3) Fill in Donee Particulars

Choose the type of powers you want to grant to your Donees. Fill in the Donee Particulars and determine how they would act on your behalf.

4) Collection/Delivery

You may choose to collect the certificate at the OPG Office or have it delivered to a selected address. Print  the completed form for us to sign

Our doctor will assist you to complete the rest of the form or address missing fields. 

LPA Certification Professional Fee

Wealth Coach LLP Corporate Rate

Includes educational seminar on LPA. 
For rates, please check with Wealth Coach.

General Public


The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) has extended the waiver of the Form 1 application fee of $75.

98% of Singaporeans will use Form 1 to make an LPA.

Things to bring along during certification.

    • LPA Form 2020
    • Donor NRIC and Photocopy of NRIC
    • Photocopy of NRIC for Donee 
    • Photocopy of NRIC for Replacement Donee (if any)

    *Note that copies of NRIC must include front and back!

    The doctor may also conduct a formal test to assess for mental capacity and access your medical records if deemed necessary.


    Importance of LPA:

    Why now? Can’t it wait?

    The importance of making LPA when you are mentally sound is to reduce the stress of your loved ones to handle personal affairs, treatment decisions as well as property affairs on your behalf. 

    If an LPA is not made in advance, and capacity of an individual is lost, the affected relatives may need to present to court to be appointed as a deputy for the said individual. 

     The fees to hire a lawyer to apply to be appointed as a deputy would cost around $3000 to $10000.