Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment

3-day round the clock analysis

Enjoy a fuller, richer life that begins with enhancing your personal well-being. Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment (FBLA) allows for monitoring of your physiology, which can reveal the link between your lifestyle and well-being.

The FBLA monitors your physiology through personalised reporting and feedback on:

  • Daily Stress Factors
  • Sufficiency of Recovery
  • Quality of Sleep
  • Health and Fitness Effects of Physical Activity

SGD 299

Non-Member Price

SGD 230

EasyCare Member Price

Recommended by more than 90% of individuals post-coaching

More than 300,000 individuals were coached, with 9 out of 10 individuals recommending this lifestyle assessment.

Spur+ Fitness Tracker

Run fast. Jump high.
Connect. Breathe.

Track it all with the new 
Actxa Spur+.

Compatible with National Steps Challenge™ 5 

What’s great about Actxa Spur+?

  • VO2 Max and Fitness Age
  • All-day HR monitoring
  • Intensity Minutes
  • Water-resistant
  • Workout tracking
  • Customisable Display
  • Call / Text / E-mail Alerts
  • Sleep Monitor

SGD 109

Non-Member Price


* Get 1 free device for purchasing a 1-year membership