Standard Service Charges

General Consultation

Double charge for long consultation (>30 min) may apply at discretion of the doctor.

Corporate Member Visit

Available at all EasyCare Panel Clinics, just show your eCard.

TPA Cardholders

Refer to your card benefits. Your card validity will be checked when you register at our counter.
(Fullerton, MHC, IHP, Alliance, Parkway Shenton, Adept)

Telemedicine Consultation

Follow as per general consultation or corporate consultation rates.


Delivery of medications for telemedicine or repeat medications.

Chas Subsidies

Chas subsidies will be applied for physical visits where applicable. Chas subsidies cannot be applied to telemedicine consultations at this point in time.

Corporate Coverage

We offer customised services to companies, agencies and nursing home partners.

Feel free to contact us using the corporate contact form.

Clinic Services


Chronic disease screening and tumour marker testing for early disease detection.

Medical Check-ups

Fitness test, pre-employment checks and 6-monthly examination.


Vaccinations we offer and National Adult Immunisation Schedule (NAIS).

Allergy Tests

Standard blood test can be done as a panel or for individual allergens.

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