Medical Check-Ups

Pre-employment check

There may be slight variation in pricing due to different requirements for different individuals.

Foreign Worker/Employment Check-Up

Usual 6 monthly examination includes VDRL and UPT

Additional costs may incur if malaria testing or Chest X-ray is required.

OBS Check-Up

If tetanus injection is required, additional charges apply

Driving License Check-Up >65y


General Documentation


General Fitness Check


Chest X-ray




Medical Report (Legal/Insurance)


Corporate Screening and Employment Checks

We offer customised services to companies, agencies and nursing home partners.

Feel free to contact us using the corporate contact form.

Clinic Services


Chronic disease screening and tumour marker testing for early disease detection.

Medical Check-ups

Fitness test, pre-employment checks and 6-monthly examination.


Vaccinations we offer and National Adult Immunisation Schedule (NAIS).

Allergy Tests

Standard blood test can be done as a panel or for individual allergens.

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