World Contraceptive Day 26 Sep 2019

World Contraception Day takes place on September 26th every year. The annual worldwide campaign centers around a vision where every pregnancy is wanted.

For both members and non-members, do note that the consultation will be waived from 26th September to 26th October in order to support ease of obtaining contraceptives from the comfort of your home. After the consultation, select ‘WCD delivery’. 

Do note that you need to be between 21-55 years of age. We will need to check on your cervical cancer screening schedule before prescribing the medications.

Check out articles from our Contraceptive Awareness Month here and learn about the benefits and risks as well as how to handle side effects from contraceptives.

For EasyCare members, please contact your care coordinator, if you already have an existing prescription from iDOC Clinic, you do not need to see a doctor for refill till your next appointment date.

Call our doctor using your browser. 

Supported systems: 
PC: Chrome or Firefox
Android: Chrome
Apple: Safari

Be sure to select ‘WCD Delivery’ after the consultation. 

Find out more about our EasyCare Pill Club. 

Care Coordinator Support for:

  • medication refills for the pill
  • billing, delivery, appointments
  • any enquiries regarding the pill

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